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My reason for riding in this year's Cancer Council SA Ride for a Reason, is my sister, Kim, whose cancer has returned and is stage three.  It upset me a great deal to hear about it, as her health is very poor owing to multiple serious chronic illnesses.  So I am wearing my yellow armband with sadness and determination.

I'm making good progress towards my kilometre goal, having completed more than 50% by the halfway mark in January.  Yesterday I was up to 151km and today 176km, so only 100km left to do over 12 days.  The fundraising is better than expected, as I've not tended to garner much sponsorship on other exercise challenges that I've participated in over the past few months, like the JDRF's walk against diabetes, or the Black Dog Institute's One Step Forward (I think it was called).  I am really embarrassed to solicit people for money, as I really hate being constantly bombarded by donation-seeking emails.  Anyway, several friends have been very generous and I'm happy with that.  Thanks to Paul, Rose, Anonymous (I think maybe my brother Lindsey?), Jennie for her future donation, and to me too.

Back on the bike (11 rides in 29 days)

Using my Charge 2 and my phone GPS, I tracked my routes on 11 rides from about 14/12/2020, but the bluetooth cut out for the last few.  My Charge 2 is about two years old and maybe dying?  Anyway, this makes it harder to record kilometres, as my bicycle computer over-estimates distance.  But this graph shows my HR for the past month.  The hardest ride this month was about 26km up to Mt. Burr and back against a stiff headwind.  It was harder because it was a hot day and the Mt. Burr shop was closed.  I'm doing pretty well given the low levels of energy that come with chronic insomnia (averaging 2-4 hours' sleep a night for the past 2.5 years).  The cycling is helping work off stress chemicals so I'm hoping it will help me sleep better eventually.

I'm Riding for a reason in January

I am dedicating this January to ride as many km’s as I can to support the many South Australians impacted by cancer. Did you know that every day 28 South Australians hear the words ‘You have cancer’.

The money raised through Ride for a reason enables Cancer Council to fund vital prevention, research, advocacy and support programs that save lives.

With one in two Australians diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, the need to find better ways to detect and treat cancer is real.

Donate to support my ride so together we can work towards a cancer free future!

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