Wednesdays for a Reason

4 Generations of Fundraising Jerseys!

What a morning it was to be out on the bike with a group of mates, sharing the dawn and the road as we took a turn around our normal, Wednesdays for a Reason, loop taking in Anzac Highway then around to Henley Beach Road and into the city to Coffylosophy for a coffee and a chat.

This morning without even co-ordinating it we all turned up in the fundraising jerseys from the last 4 years.  I guess when you are in sync it's bound to happen at least once!

At one stage we even had our synchronised hazard signalling down that would have impressed even the most dedicated of synchronised swimming fans!

Seriously though, we were reminded of the challenges of a cancer diagnosis as we think of Mike's friend and fellow fundraiser now awaiting the results of her PET test.  

We offer our support while Dean lives through the experience of his Mum discovering more lesions in her battle against the insidious disease that is cancer.

We are all pushing our selves to meet our distance and climbing goals that we set back at the start of January.  Some of them have been achieved and some are being stretched.  All the while the short term pain we experience means that someone may be a bit more comfortable: physically or mentally through the support offered by Cancer Council SA!

Mental & Physical fitness in tough times!

Our team has been riding through the winter and now spring.  There have been many times when we sit down for a coffee after our early morning sojourn that we laugh and talk about what's happening in our lives.

As the effects of the pandemic unfolded and we were forced to miss a few rides together.  It reminded me that even though we are riding for our own fitness, the camaraderie that we share and the support we have offered each other over the last 8 months in these weird times have been very valuable.

We shared the loss of Tony's Mum & Barry's Dad.  We've celebrated a number of us turning 50!  We've offered each other friendship and support and I wouldn't miss an opportunity to ride with these guys if I could help it.

Thanks to this support crew!  Tobias 

We're Riding for a reason in January

We're dedicating this January to ride as many km’s as we can to support the many South Australians impacted by cancer. Did you know that every day 28 South Australians hear the words ‘You have cancer’.

The money raised through Ride for a reason enables Cancer Council to fund vital prevention, research, advocacy and support programs that save lives.

With one in two Australians diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, the need to find better ways to detect and treat cancer is real.

Donate to support our ride so together we can work towards a cancer free future!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Gary Williams


Calvert Technologies

Any day out of the office and on the bike is a good day for us all!


Grassroots It


Dean Calvert


Mrs Property

Well done Tony


7 Generations Future Pty Ltd


Mark Keam

As always Tobias - well done and good luck .


Lucid Consulting


Michael Keller


Susan Suresh

Thank you Mike for doing this important " ride for a reason"!! We need to support cancer research and believe that a cure will be found somewhere!! Ride on Mike!


R Andrew Mcintyre

Good work Tony, ride well. As soon as you finish this project you'll be able to ride forever !! Macca


Giulio Altamura


Tony Siebert



For Nanna, Jenny, my patients and my Daddy x


Robert Lecons

Happy riding


Tom Gray

Well done tony!


Adam Greaves

HNY Tony!


Claire Yule

Wonderful initiative Tobias for a great cause, enjoy the ride!


Jason Turnbull

Go well Tony - great stuff!


Allison Ashby

Stay on the bike please and be safe. Also happy if you choose not to ride - donation still stands.


Greg Connor

as long as you don't use the "Crows" bike


Garth Rossler

Great job Tony!


Kaelene Xx


Nigel Moore

Good on ya mate - a worthy cause that affects way too many!


Mark Frazer

Great thing to do by a great man 👊 #respect


Jill Gray

Good Luck Tony


Tobias Crush


Dan Williams

Love your work Dean, power to you mate.


James Cashmore

Nice cause Dean. Great work!


Bruce Lines

Way to go, MIke. Cheers, Bruce


Scott De Baugy



Keep up the good work


Kathy Ophel Keller






Andrew Stonham

A truly worthy cause. You inspire us all to do more.


C3 Group

Good on you Dean, a great cause and a top bloke !


Kriss Will

Well done on keeping on with this important fund raising!


Chris Dickson

Good luck and enjoy Tony. Glad you're back on the bike and back to it. I'll pledge here to do it next year with you.


Peter & Natalie Bordun

Goodluck with your ride & fundraising Mike - go for it!


Jo Westbrock

glad to help.


Elisabeth Vanderveldt

So honored to know you Dean and so proud of what you are doing. God Bless


Liam Feighery

Great Work Tony



Great cause! Well done Dean. Bergs.


Emily Mortimer

Tobias, so proud of your continued efforts to ride for a reason. Keep on pedaling!


Hieu Bui


Oliver Townshend


Peter Kantarelis- Lookup

Go Dean!


Chris Ford

Hey Mike Great work out there!


Fran Doerflinger And Vinay Pagay

Hello Mike - well done! All the best for the remaining time and maybe yes 100 miles would be impressive! See you Friday in Woodside? Cheers Fran and Vinay


Jaimie I'anson

Go you good thing! race you to 1000kms lol


Graham H Lyons

Good on you, Mike. All the best for your ride.


Darryl Buchanan

Ride like the wind brother!


Neal Matotek

Great stuff Tony, enjoy the ride


Andrew Barnes

All the best Tobias


Dianne Buranyi-trevarton





Way to go Dean. Proud of you mate


Brittany Calvert

Well done, Dad! You make us proud!



Good luck, Mike, what a great way to ring in 2021!


Voyce Family

great effort for a great cause!


Sarah Heyburn

Wishing you all the best Dean. Great initiative to participate in. Rather you than I on the bike though! Happy riding.


Yung M

Great work Mike


Benji Guidi


Michael G

Keep it at Deano


Joanne Staugas


Joanne Staugas


Melanie Elron

Best of luck with your riding!


Natasha Radovanovic


Chris Parsons

Look forward to riding with you soon, in the mean time keep tight lines.


Amanda Henderson

Good luck! Cheers Amanda


Simon Mills

Great job brother


Barry Higham


Alex Mould

Keep peddling!!!!! You can do it!!!


Eric Angeles

Good Luck and stay safe.


Chris Parsons

Keep those Pedals rolling.


Chris Parsons

You're right, you meet and make good friends with a common goal. To see a Cancer free world.


Peter Harris


Samantha Mclachlan


Chris Parsons

Good to see your smashing your target. Ride safe.


Sebastian Pillai

All the best


Aileen Aitchison



Good luck with the riding !