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I'm Riding for a reason in January

I am dedicating this January to ride as many km’s as I can to support the many South Australians impacted by cancer. Did you know that every day 28 South Australians hear the words ‘You have cancer’.

The money raised through Ride for a reason enables Cancer Council to fund vital prevention, research, advocacy and support programs that save lives.

With one in two Australians diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, the need to find better ways to detect and treat cancer is real.

Donate to support my ride so together we can work towards a cancer free future!

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So who was Roscoe Dalke and why does our team bear his name?

Wednesday 8th Dec

Roscoe’s Linkedin page describes him as a Husband, Father, Grandfather and Uncle but he was so much more. He was also a friend and inspiration to many, his amazing life covered the globe and most importantly created friends and relationships with so many people.

Roscoe was Canadian, however for three months of the year he was an honorary Australian. He and his wife Helen would spend the summer with his many friends in Australia, predominantly in Adelaide.

One of his many interests was cycling and the Tour Down Under. He had a passion for fitness and was a much-loved member of the Glenelg EFM Health Club where he became an integral part of the club culture, which has given rise to the Ride for Roscoe with EFM Glenelg Team.

Four years ago, Roscoe was told he had multiple myeloma; he didn’t allow it to change much of his life. He continued his annual “Tours Down Under” however in 2020 his visit was cut short due to the pandemic. His final fight against his disease ended on September 24, 2021, with Helen and his family by his side.

Roscoe created many long-lasting friendships around the globe, his determination to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle has been an inspiration and motivated many and therefore we Ride for a Reason, we “Ride for Roscoe”.


Why I am doing Ride for a Reason

Sunday 5th Dec
At some stage cancer impacts us all in one way or another. I have lost too many family members, friends and colleagues to this disease. The loss is not limited to an individual, its impact will trickle down, affecting parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on and so on.
Too many of us have endured the pain of loss because of this insidious disease. In my case, most recently with the loss of my good friend Roscoe Dalke. My reason for participating in the ride is to honor the memory of Roscoe, who was such an inspirational person. In addition, by supporting Cancer Council initiatives such as this we will be helping to support cancer sufferers and their families as well as the research required to find a cure for this awful disease.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Terry Stephens


Helen Metcalfe

Way to go Terry!


Alex & Sotiria Frangos

Terry, you are always focussed on making the world a better place & putting a smile on other people's faces. So proud of your new challenge.



I’m so proud of you! Doing this at your age is an achievement 😂 Seriously though, your passion for raising funds for such a worthy cause is inspirational. Ride your butt off, wear sensible clothing and keep an ice pack close by! I’m proud of you, Dad ❤️


Michelle Zappia

Good on you Terry


Rebecca Frangos



Good cause Terry, very proud of you! 💙


Karen Boettcher

Hey Terry my friend, well done supporting such a wonderful cause. 😊🥰🥰🥰


Angelo Spartalis

All the best Terry! Hope you reach your goal and lots more!