1Michele Bryant$11,011
2Paul Easter$9,664
3David Wright$9,038
4Rosslyn Jachmann$7,124
5Lincoln Size$6,737
6Donny Walford$5,815
7Paul Crawford$5,000
8Gavin Dore$3,866
9Mike Krause$3,636
10Tony Siebert$3,357
11Les Birch$3,226
13Heather Webb$3,085
14Tobias Crush$3,031
15Tony Bamford$2,916
16Christopher Parsons$2,852
17Michael Dent$2,810
18Elaine Ivey$2,772
19Kevin Deakin$2,681
20Barry Higham$2,665


1The Commissioner's 100$35,857
2Team Mishmash$34,107
3Berri Bike Boys$8,571
4Law Society of SA$4,564
5Wheelie tyred$2,326
6Fuji Rider and NJ Rock$1,536
7Coasters Australia$1,410
8Team Axios$1,169
9Fulton Hogan$973
10Team Watto$566
11Team Dominant$448
12Glencore Agriculture$400
13Decleated Expletives$20

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